The bottle tops that become 3-D building bricks*

Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top two trillion by 2021, according to a Guardian report from 2017, a large percentage of which will end up in the sea or in landfill.
British inventor Willy Johnson has found an ingenious solution for avoiding plastic waste: ToPo.

The single-use plastic item is the industry’s Achilles Heel and major concern of the Plastic Industry and Consumer World to-Day.

ToPo® Is designed to help answer this serious concern by converting a Single-Use plastic closure into a continual-use, collectable and educational construction toy that can eventually be recycled.

Therefore ToPo® is a screw-top closure that has a second life as a collectable toy, not to be discarded.

Each bottle cap, which can be either circular or square, has two sets of male and female connectors. These link together to make 2D models and can snap together vertically to also make 3D models. The toy helps to educate children and make them aware of the environment and thus Stop Plastic Waste – sToPollution® - which is causing so much current and potential damage.

Its inventor, Dr William Johnson, has over 100 patents, including the World’s first trainer with integrated pedometer and film coatings for visual displays

"We created a plastic bottle screw top that converts, after its original use, into a 'collectable' toy that is both fun and educational, in which children can construct, (Lego like) any amount of different structures, and play both word games and numerical puzzles or make messages and thus stopping the “throwing away” element. The ToPos are fully recyclable," Mr. Johnson explains.

"ToPo has approached a number of children’s charities to become involved, particularly with the collection and recycling of the tops and to use of the funds collected with integrity. Other than the great and important environmental advantages that ToPo brings, the Golden Nugget is that if 1 in 100 Tops (ToPos) were to be recycled at the current rate of 10 cents a lb (pound) then $20,000,000 (approx.) would be raised for Children’s Charities, so in effect, children are helping children and the environment. With their help it is hoped that an industrial change can be made and beverage corporations will be convinced of ToPo's benefits."

Most recently, as a way to deal with the ever increasing pressure on how to deal with an excess of plastics, Tetra-Kap® was born, which, like Topo®, turns a plastic cap into a collectable educational toy once it has become detached from the container, preventing it from being thrown away. Tetra-Kap® was recently granted a patent in the USA. Tetra-Kap®/Topo® is an important integral constituent to help in the battle to save the environment. The UN estimates that by 2050, at the current rate of plastic finding its way into the Oceans/Seas there will be more plastic “pieces” than fish in the waters, and Tetra-Kap®/Topo® can play a role to alleviate this problem.”

PDF - 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Awards

YouTube video of ToPo®

* Reproduced from an article in Packaging Europe 2018: THE ToPo® COMPANY